Defense Initiatives & Companies

Collaboration is at the heart of this vibrant ecosystem. Uplands technology, innovation, and opportunity happen in laboratories and research centers with a national reputation and global reach.

Institutional Relationships

Robust relationships between Naval Support Warfare Center, Crane Division, Indiana University, and Purdue University accelerate technology solutions and connect talent to the defense sector.


• Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs)

• NSWC Microgrants

• NSWC Faculty Residencies

• Crane PhD Fellowship

Interdisciplinary Centers:
Indiana University

Luddy School of Computing, Informatics and Engineering: Computer vision, computer science, data science, and visualization

Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering: Trusted microelectronics

Multidisciplinary Engineering and Sciences Hall (MESH)

Pervasive Technology Institute (PTI): Cyberinfrastructure, IT research, high-performance computing, hypersonics, modeling, and simulation

Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research

National Security Academic Accelerator

Interdisciplinary Centers:
Purdue University

Energetics Research Center: Explosives-based threats; materials for propellants, pyrotechnics, and in ordinance

Center for Integrated Systems for Aerospace: System-of-systems challenges, integrated defense/command and control/battle management

Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS): Information security, including technical, ethical, legal, educational, communicational, linguistic, and economic issues

Institute for Global Security and Defense Innovation (i-GSDI): Autonomous/cognitive systems, cybersecurity, propulsion, energetics and thermal management, advanced electronics and photonics

Development Initiatives

Nonprofit intermediaries complement university efforts by facilitating partnerships between the research institutions and NSWC Crane.

Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3): Trusted electronics, hypersonics, cyber-physical systems, 5G, AI

NavalX Midwest Tech Bridge: Workshops, events, technology development, and transition

National Security Innovation Network: a program office within the U.S. Department of Defense that fosters collaborations and partnerships with academic and early-stage venture communities.