Dubois County

As the Wood Capital of the World, Dubois County is home to woodworking craftsmen and a thriving wood furniture industry, fueled by the area's abundant oak and poplar forests. The county’s strong advanced manufacturing base, thriving Jasper Community Arts Center, opportunities for higher education and certificate programs through Vincennes University Jasper Campus, historic Fourth Street retail shopping, well-known folk and blues music festivals, and lively Germain heritage create a vibrant, eclectic backdrop for small town living.

Our Story

In the early 1800s, skilled German cabinetmakers and carpenters immigrated to Dubois County to hone their craft using the abundant natural resources in the area. Their tradition of dependable work ethic, dedication, and pride in craftsmanship continues today through the county’s flourishing wood furniture industry and German staples like Jasper’s Schnitzelbank Restaurant and annual Strassenfest street festival, which celebrates the county’s heritage with family-oriented German music, beer, dancing, and food.

Photo courtesy of Jasper Indiana Strassenfest.

Key Stats

Population: 42,558

Key Industries: Woodworking and furniture-making, advanced manufacturing, and logistics

Notable Facts: Dubois County is home to the Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame, which honors players who were born or lived in Indiana. Residents can spend their summer afternoons watching the Dubois County Bombers play the national pastime at historic League Stadium.