Greene County

The independent spirit, love of the land, and humble hardworking nature that characterized the first settlers who established the thriving small towns nestled throughout Greene County’s sprawling countryside is still alive today. With thousands of acres of wooded rolling hills and lakes, there is no shortage of scenic views or opportunities for outdoor recreation. Residents work in industries from agriculture to engineering, and numerous scientists, engineers, and munitions technicians who support Naval Support Activity Crane call Greene County home.

Our Story

This rural county is not short on innovation. In 1906, Greene County engineers and laborers constructed one of the longest railroad bridges of its kind, which is still used today by the Indiana Railroad Company. The 2,307-foot-long, 157-foot-tall steel-girded Tulip Trestle is known locally as the Viaduct, a symbol of the county’s history in coal mining. Today, a new generation of innovators can be found in Greene County with a growing business base at WestGate@Crane Technology Park and Open Desk cowork space, high-tech jobs at NSA Crane, and the Purdue@Westgate partnership that supports technology research, commercialization, and job creation in the region.

Key Stats

Population: 32,177

Key Industries: Agriculture, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing

Notable Facts: The county’s 8,034-acre Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area one of the largest, most successful wetland restoration projects in the country. Outdoor enthusiasts can observe many migrating bird species, including an impressive Sandhill Crane fly-in each spring.