Innovations in the Uplands

Be on the frontline of feature news and opportunities in the Uplands, where new businesses arise each year, visionary leaders invent the latest craze, and creative artisans apply their craft to a world of fresh possibilities. There is no shortage of things to see, learn, and experience in the Uplands.


Explore endless opportunities in the Indiana Uplands.

People in the Uplands: Matt

Matt is utilizing 3D printing and rapid prototyping to protect U.S. naval ships.

People in the Uplands: Gabi

Gabi is applying creativity to electrical engineering to thrive in the Uplands.

People in the Uplands: Yolanda

Yolanda is bringing new ideas to improve manufacturing systems in the Uplands.

People in the Uplands: Trae

Trae’s rewarding work is saving lives in the Uplands and beyond.