Lawrence County

A down-to-earth attitude and strong work ethic are the bedrock of the Limestone Capital of the World. Lawrence County’s rural countryside, stone terrain, and national forests are dotted by small homes and farms and the close-knit communities of Bedford and Mitchell. Many residents work in the advanced manufacturing and defense sectors with major employers like Naval Support Activity Crane, General Motors, Lehigh Cement Company, and Cook Medical nearby. Residents enjoy an abundance of natural features like Bluespring Caverns, Spring Mill State Park, and locally-grown persimmons, harvested each autumn to make Indiana’s famous persimmon pudding.

Photo courtesy of General Motors Bedford Casting Operations

Our Story

Lawrence County is the home of three United States astronauts and Mercury Seven's Gus Grissom, the second American to fly in space. The Virgil I. Gus Grissom Memorial, located at Spring Mill State Park, has mementos of his career, including the space capsule he commanded. In recent years, Lawrence County has doubled down on its commitment to STEM education through its StoneGate Arts & Education Center, Purdue Lawrence County Extension Office, and the Boys and Girls Club Launching Center.

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Key Stats

Population: 45,070

Cities & Towns: Lawrence, Mitchell, & Oolitic

Key Industries: Limestone, advanced manufacturing, and national security and defense

Notable Facts: Limestone quarried in Lawrence County was used to construct the Empire State Building and the Pentagon. In 2013, the City of Bedford was recognized as an Indiana Chamber of Commerce Community of the Year and an Indiana Stellar Community.