Daviess County

Daviess County’s growing community is characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit and the old-time charm of a thriving Amish culture. A litany of high tech and manufacturing jobs, as well as robust educational opportunities in STEM programming and dual-credit partnerships with state universities, attract young professionals and families to the county. West Boggs Lake and Park, Montgomery Ruritan Park, and the Glendale Fish and Wildlife Area provide ample opportunities for fishing, boating, camping, and hunting. Local community festivals featuring art, antiques, and Daviess County Amish-produced goods and services, which are highly prized nationwide, draw together both residents and visitors.

Our Story

A can-do attitude has been the backbone of Daviess County since its formal organization in 1817. In 1885, the county raised an astonishing amount of capital to attract a major railroad repair center and quickly became a booming railroad county. In the last several decades, Daviess County has significantly expanded its manufacturing base and founded WestGate@Crane Technology Park, Indiana’s only multi-county technology park, which offers opportunities for STEM careers with many businesses located there. Today, thousands of residents work in growing technology, manufacturing, agriculture, bio-ag, and transportation companies throughout the 437 square miles of the county.

Key Stats

Population: 33,147

Key Industries: Agriculture and advanced manufacturing

Notable Facts: As a state leader in percentage of median household income growth, Daviess County is projected to increase in population and school enrollment through 2030.