Who We Are

In a region replete with talent and resources, Uplanders—from students to visionaries, artisans to entrepreneurs—are competitive and thriving here and worldwide. Uplands families, a dedicated workforce, and a tide of trailblazers call our 11 counties home. Home of industry and determination, innovation and creativity, good friends and reliable neighbors. Our home is Uplands Made.

Our Counties

48 Cities & Towns
population 397,901
4,500 square miles
Key Industry Sectors
National Security & Defense
Life Sciences
Advanced Manufacturing
major employers
OFS Brands
Indiana University
Cook Group
Jasper Engines & Transmissions
General Motors
194,000 people in workforce
27 school districts
51,856 students
203,000 acres
266 miles of trails

Our Roots

Generations ago, we planted ourselves here: farmers and manufacturers, life science experts and dreamers. The Indiana Uplands endures as a land of opportunity, from early color televisions to leading-edge advances in pharmaceuticals. Encounter our history at NSWC Crane, the world's third-largest naval installation, or at Cook Medical, the largest privately held medical device manufacturer in the country. See our progress through enterprising companies like Jasper Engines, Kimball, AECOM, Baxter, and General Dynamics. Determination rooted this land, and innovation makes it thrive.

Our Today

Flourishing families, skilled workers, and an abundance of natural resources: every day in the Uplands is a reminder of the depth of beauty here, from our popular parks and welcoming towns to our thriving industries, urban areas, and cultural centers. All those who call the Uplands home experience a high quality of work life and family life, building relationships that go deep and encountering opportunities that make each of us better, stronger, and more prosperous. We capitalize on the full potential of our people and places to diversify our economy and unleash opportunities for current and future generations.

Our Future

At the heart of dozens of competitive industries, Uplands companies are showing the world what they're worth. Global, multinational corporations from GM and Catalent to Boston Scientific and SAIC. New technologies and industries grow and settle here every year, laying the groundwork for generations of future success while bolstering current business, competition, and family life. For new businesses and legacy companies, entrepreneurial endeavors and worldwide corporations, one thing is certain: In the Indiana Uplands, we are on the way UP.

Our Name

Beginning in 2017, we began a regional brand identification effort to define not only the story of our region, but our name as well. Originally Southwest Central Indiana, we arrived at a new name, Indiana Uplands, descriptive of the unique geologic and economic facets of our 11 counties. Like our hills and forests that reach to the heights, Indiana Uplands is a region on the rise. Uplanders are hardworking and brilliant entrepreneurs, leaders, and skilled workers, growing world-shaping ideas into remarkable products and thriving businesses. Indiana Uplands is a peak destination for innovation, education, and opportunities that lift the quality of life for all.