Working In The Uplands

We combine strong community with a dedicated workforce to do more than simply support industries. Here in the Uplands, we inspire new ideas, develop sustainable futures, and maintain a competitive advantage. Drawing from vast local resources of limestone, forests, scientific discovery, and brilliant minds, Uplanders are global leaders and opportunity-creators. Next door to next level, this is Uplands Made.

Ground to Global

Ever-growing, ever-changing, ever-advancing. As a hub of economic development, the Uplands boasts specialization in the advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and national security industries. Our community cultivates future workers and leaders in a diversity of sectors through highly ranked local schools and world-class higher education and research institutions that are closely connected to regional industry partners. Breaking ground, developing skills, going global: this is Uplands Made.

Energy to Enterprise

Small businesses thrive amid abundant natural resources, an eager workforce, and our energized, regionally focused economy. We value global opportunities and prosper in a regional market of artisans, tourists, innovators, and entrepreneurs.