Innovations in the Uplands

From corporate milestones to launching startups, entrepreneurial exploits to adaptive engineering, awards for new advancements to reinventing the status quo, the Uplands region is full of ideas and opportunities. And while we're transforming the very technologies that make our communities thrive, we're also changing the world: from research centers of Indiana University to the Battery Innovation Center, in laboratories and workshops, these creations are Uplands Made.


Explore endless opportunities in the Indiana Uplands.

People in the Uplands: Matt

Matt is utilizing 3D printing and rapid prototyping to protect U.S. naval ships.

People in the Uplands: Gabi

Gabi is applying creativity to electrical engineering to thrive in the Uplands.

People in the Uplands: Yolanda

Yolanda is bringing new ideas to improve manufacturing systems in the Uplands.

People in the Uplands: Trae

Trae’s rewarding work is saving lives in the Uplands and beyond.